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Our weekly meal plans offer variety and flexibility allowing you to pick the recipes that best fit your weekly needs.

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Have your groceries delivered to your doorstep or, if shopping yourself, get a detailed grocery list with the exact ingredients you'll need.

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Getting dinner on the table has never been easier. Delicious, home-cooked meals the whole family will love.

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Better Homes & Gardens Meal Plan

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You love to cook and live to eat. Now you can make every family dinner a special occasion.

A perfect meal plan for cooks that still need life to be both simple and tasty. Enjoy expert cooking tips, nutritious menus, and fresh recipes your whole family will love.

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Variety is the spice of life

With an eMeals membership, you get full access to the entire range of plan options.
Full access to the full range of meal plans including Paleo, Quick & Healthy,
Low Calorie, Gluten Free, Clean Eating, and so much more!.

Better Homes & Gardens Meal Plan Summary

Why try the Better Homes & Gardens meal plan?


Quick, Easy Meals

On your busiest nights, making dinner will be less of a hassle with this collection of time-saving weeknight meals. You can feel good about the nutritious dishes you’re serving your family, and they’ll certainly enjoy every bite.


Variety Meets

We’ve assembled the most delicious and most popular Better Homes and Gardens recipes. There is something for everyone in these plans, from tried-and-true slow cooker recipes to the ultimate dinner hit, casseroles.

Kid Friendly


Is finding meals your entire family will love difficult? We know the feeling. These recipes support your healthy-eating goals while meeting the standards of your pickiest eaters. They’ll be fighting for the leftovers.



We all want dinners that are filling and nutritious, and that’s the goal of this plan. But above all else, these recipes are tasty and simple enough even the most time-crunched cook can pull them off any night of the week.

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"I love to cook from scratch with fresh ingredients and maybe a test-drive of a new recipe. But in reality I don’t always feel like cooking. Some nights I just want to eat dinner that’s easy and ready to go."

- Stephen Orr
Better Homes & Gardens Editor-in-Chief

Simple, healthy inspiration you're sure to love

Each week our food experts create easy-to-prepare recipes featuring real
food to nourish your body and soul—the hassle-free way to serve up dinner.

Gluten Free Meals by eMeals

No stress with our simplified shopping options!

Whether you want front-door delivery with Instacart or to shop at
the store yourself, our 1-click grocery list makes it easy for you.

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Meal Planning FAQs

How does Better Homes & Gardens work with eMeals to create meal plans?
Better Homes & Gardens food editors select the magazine’s top-rated recipes then curate a weekly mix of meals designed for busy families.
Can I switch my meal plan?
Absolutely. Our goal is to offer users ample flexibility to meet specific lifestyle and family needs. We offer unlimited switching for our users from the website or the app (iOS and Android).
Do you have an app to access my plan on the go?
Yes. We have a free, dedicated iOS and Android app that’s available to users with an active subscription. After signing-up on our website, you can download the app and log in using your username and password.
What if I don’t want to use all seven dinner menus on my plan?
We know there are times when you won’t use all seven dinner menus, so our weekly goal is to provide plenty of variety and inspiration for you to pick and choose the meals that most appeal to you and your family. In the app, you can easily select the meals that you want for the week, and the app will automatically create the shopping list based on your selection.
How much does eMeals cost?
A subscription at eMeals is as low as $5 a month for a 12-month subscription. You also have the option of a 3-month subscription for $10 a month. Not sure if it’s worth the money? Then try it FREE for 14 days to see for yourself!
Do you have lunch and breakfast plans?
Yes. We offer a healthy lunch and breakfast plan as well as a dessert and occasions plan. For a few of our dedicated food styles, we have tailored lunch and breakfast plans to match the dinner style. You can choose to add a lunch or breakfast plan when signing up or directly from the member area.

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We are a family of 4 and we love eMeals. They have a great selection of recipes and I like that you can change your preferences at any time.

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I have used eMeals for over a year, and I’m saving a ton of time and money with this meal planning service! I started using the app and I’m not sure why I waited so long!

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I honestly didn’t know this would be nearly as good as it is, but was willing to try anything to make planning healthy meals fasters and easier. We love it!