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Skip the High Cost and Hassle of Going Out for Valentine’s Day with a Romantic Dinner at Home from

Show Your Love with a Delectable, Homemade Dinner for Two with the Help of eMeals’ Special Free Valentine’s Day Menu

Birmingham, AL (February 7, 12)—Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year, and if you’ve ever tried making dinner reservations for a night out, you know it’s also one of the busiest dining out days of the year. It can be nearly impossible to get a table. And, just how romantic can it be when you’re surrounded by a crowded restaurant full of strangers?

This year, skip the reservations, long wait times and high cost of going out and instead have a real, intimate and romantic dinner for two at home with the help of, the online meal planning service that saves you time, money and dinnertime hassle.

With eMeals’ special Valentine’s Day Dinner for Two, you and your sweetie can enjoy a delicious, home- cooked meal in the privacy of your own home without the prying eyes of onlookers. Show your love by taking the time to prepare this scrumptious meal, complete with dessert, for your Valentine. Or, prepare the meal together for a fun and flirtatious cooking experience.

“There’s no better way to show someone how much you care than by cooking a delicious meal just for them, and with our special Valentine’s Day Dinner Menu, it couldn’t be easier,” said Jane DeLaney, founder of (formerly “We take the worry out of what to prepare and give you the step-by-step instructions and ingredients you need so that you can focus on the romance and not stress out over the food.”

According to Zagat’s Valentine’s Day Dining Survey, nearly 45 percent of those surveyed said they plan to eat out for the big day and will spend an average of $116 on their romantic meal. Factor in the price of a card and a gift, and playing Cupid can get pretty costly. Given today’s tough economy, that expense simply may not be in the budget for many amorous couples.

Instead, eMeals’ Valentine’s Dinner for Two costs only about $35 to prepare and with one quick trip to the grocer you’ll have everything you need for this scrumptious meal that includes: bacon-wrapped eye of round steaks, hassleback potatoes featuring parmesan cheese and smoked paprika, roasted asparagus with lemon zest, easy fresh salad with sliced almonds and homemade citrus vinaigrette dressing, and a decadent chocolate cheesecake for two with homemade chocolate whipped cream.

The eMeals menu includes a complete shopping list and full recipe instructions to ensure your romantic meal turns out perfectly. And, with the money you’ll save by dining in, you can spring for that extra special gift without feeling guilty or worrying about how you’ll pay for it later.

To get the special free Valentine’s Day Dinner for Two Menu, sign up now at And, after your special dinner is over, you’ll enjoy a year’s worth of easy, time-saving and hassle-free dinner menus including shopping list for as little as $5 per month.


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