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Cheap Eats for Summer Travel: $2-Per-Person Menus from eMeals

Cook In & Save Big with Company’s Vacation Menu

BIRMINGHAM, AL (May 23, 2012) – If you’re hauling a crowd on your summer vacation and trying to keep your travel costs from spinning out of control (and who isn’t?), online meal planning service has the answer: a do-it-yourself vacation menu with seven dinner recipes that feed both family and friends for roughly $2 apiece per meal.

Available free to both new and existing eMeals subscribers on their personal member’s page, the menu includes favorites like the Low Country Boil – a one-pot extravaganza of kielbasa, shrimp, potatoes and corn that can be whipped up in a snap if you’re staying somewhere with a kitchenette or full kitchen – plus six more dinners delivering a week’s worth of savings. Like all eMeals weekly menus, the plan also includes a grocery list organized by aisle for faster shopping so you don’t waste time you could be spending in the pool.

For extra belt-tightening, the eMeals blog offers 5 tips to save on food while you travel. Following these guidelines will leave a little more cushion for entertainment, souvenirs and admission to your favorite water or amusement park. (Six Flags, anyone?)

The annual vacation menu is one of the many perks of subscribing to eMeals to make quick work of getting dinner on the table year-round.

For about $5 per month, eMeals provides weekly meal plans with taste-tested recipes and corresponding grocery lists that simplify meal planning as well as reducing family grocery bills by an average of 30%. Subscribers can choose from more than 30 specialized menu options ranging from classic family meals to clean eating, low-fat, gluten-free and more. The grocery lists further speed the meal planning process and provide the plan-ahead benefit of once-a-week grocery shopping, eliminating unnecessary purchases and extra trips for forgotten items.

For a full description of the eMeals program, visit - and start getting dinner relief today.


eMeals is America's leading digital meal planning solution and an emerging player in the meal kit market. Each week eMeals provides easy-to-follow recipes and a one-click shopping list that optionally connects to online grocery pickup and delivery partners. With a database of tens of thousands of recipes assembled over the last decade, subscribers have a choice of 15 food style plans tailored to different dietary goals and eating preferences. Life is hard; make dinner easy. Visit to sign up for a two-week free trial.

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