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New Mediterranean Diet Menu Plan from eMeals: It’s Delizioso!

Fast, Healthy & Money-Saving Weekly Menus & Grocery Lists Delivered to Your Smartphone or Email

BIRMINGHAM, AL (August 21, 2013) – If you’re trying to follow a heart-healthy Mediterranean diet but having a tough time banishing favorites like steak and cake from your dinner table, here’s an easy and budget-friendly way to do it: the new Mediterranean Meal Plan from online meal planning service eMeals. Every week, you’ll get seven Mediterranean-style dinner menus with recipes and a combined grocery list delivered to your smartphone or computer email or personal eMeals page. Fantastico!

From Pan-Seared Salmon with Roasted Asparagus (280 calories) to Creamy Fettuccine with Broiled Tomatoes (412 calories) – and with side dishes such as Tomato and Nectarine Caprese – every week’s meals are filled with Mediterranean ingredients like olive oil, garlic, aromatic herbs and spices, fruits and vegetables, whole grains, beans, and nuts. Weekly menus provide moderate amounts of seafood, smaller portions of chicken or lean meat, and several vegetarian meals – including pasta, risotto, grain salads, flatbreads and pizzas – with wine recommended in moderation and minimal amounts of red meat in keeping with the Mediterranean lifestyle.

Available in both two-person and family plans for as little as $5/month, eMeals’ Mediterranean program joins more than 50 other meal plan options ranging from Classic and Clean Eating to Vegetarian, Low Fat, Low Carb, Portion Control, Slow Cooker, Gluten-Free, Paleo and more.

You save meal planning time (eMeals does it for you), minimize kitchen duties (dinner can be on the table in as little as 30 minutes), eliminate extra trips to the grocery store (shop once for the whole week), and abolish culinary boredom (new ideas fly as fast as you can say ratatouille).

You also save money, thanks to eMeals’ budget-conscious planning process. Savings stem from “cook once, eat twice” strategies (think baked fish with olive oil and herbs followed by easy fish tacos), reuse of select ingredients like Parmesan cheese and fresh basil during the week so your food investment won’t go to waste, advance planning that avoids impulse and extra purchases that lead to overspending, and coordination of menus with sales and seasonal specials at grocery stores like ALDI, Kroger, Publix, Safeway, Target, Walmart and Whole Foods.

Sample menus for the Mediterranean plan can be viewed at For a full description of the eMeals program, visit


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