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Family Week - Make Family Count

Family Week, a week to focus on family September 24th - 28th, is close to the heart of eMeals. It is critical to spend time together as a family at the dinner table. Year after year, statistics show children who eat dinner with their family are less likely to smoke, drink, or use drugs than their coutnerparts. We all need encouragement to make dinnertime a priority. We hope this week gives you that push to get in the routine of dinner with your family. Each day we’ve provided an activity and recipe to help gather your family together for a day or night of fun. Get the Family Week download by clicking here. Enjoy!

Family at Table

Monday: Make Every Conversation Count
Tuesday: Make Every Relationship Count
Wednesday: Make Every Minute Count
Thursday: Make Every Choice Count
Friday: Make Every Action Count

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Focus on the Family

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