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Plan. Shop. Cook. Anywhere.

Our updated eMeals app is free with your subscription and supports both iOS and Andriod. But that's not all. Here are more cool features:

  • Shopping List: Geting through the checkout line has never been easier
  • Seamless Cooking: Take recipe instructions and cooking tips right into the kitchen
  • Favorites: Store your favorite recipes in one place

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Creating the Perfect Weekly Plan

Simple to use when viewing your week's receipes. Now personalize your mix of recipes from current and past meal plans to create your perfect weekly plan, or for added inspiration, subscribe to more than one dinner plan.

eMeals Weekly Plan
eMeals Cutting Board
eMeals Interactive Shopping List

Interactive Shopping List

Getting through the checkout line has never been easier. The Shopping List is arranged by grocery section and listed in purchase sizes and amounts to make your shopping experience efficient and stress-free.

You can also edit right in the app—adjust recipe amounts and add non-meal plan ingredients. Better still, if you choose not to use all the week’s seven meals, the Shopping List magically adjusts to only display the ingredients needed for the meals you select.

eMeals interactive shopping

Seamless Cooking

Take the eMeals food staff expertise and easy-to-follow recipe right into the kitchen with you. Turn your smartphone or tablet right into a digital cookbook as you follow our step-by-step instructions and access our cooking tips.

eMeals Seamless Cooking
eMeals Cutting Board


A new, one-stop solution for accessing past meal plans and storing your favorite recipes. And it’s all in one place. What’s more, you can now “favorite” the eMeals recipes you love. Favorites is simple to use yet powerful enough let you save, search and add your favorite recipes from your Favorites to your Shopping List.

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