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Meal Planning

Eating healthy at home has never been easier with
meal plans consisting of weekly menus with a
corresponding grocery list.

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Healthy Meal Plans by eMeals

Variety of Healthy Recipes

Each week, our expert team of recipe developers craft a meal plan
with seven dinner menus, including your main and side dish.

Pork Tenderloin
Sample Recipe 1

Pork Tenderloin with
Roasted Beet Salad

Lean pork tenderloin paired with a gorgeous salad of roasted beets, fennel, fresh herbs, and citrus is easy enough for a weeknight family dinner but elegant enough for weekend entertaining. A homemade vinaigrette serves double-duty as both a marinade for the pork tenderloin and a sauce for the salad.

— Julie Gunter, eMeals Senior Food Editor

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Chicken and Veggies
Sample Recipe 2

Chicken with Mixed Vegetables

Roasted Chicken with a colorful mix of seasonal, good-for-you Mixed Vegetables comes together in a snap. How? Everything cooks in one pan, simplifying dinnertime even more. This family-friendly recipe is sure to please even the pickiest kids (and husbands).

— Rebecca Spradling, eMeals Senior Recipe Developer

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Strip Steak
Sample Recipe 3

New York Strip Steaks
with Cherry Tomatoes

A tangy mixture of colorful heirloom tomatoes, shallots and herbs create a flavor-packed topping for hearty New York Strip Steaks. Serve on a bed of tender asparagus or switch things up by using baby spinach or long-grain rice.

— Mary Creel, eMeals Registered Dietitian

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Shopping List

Simplified Shopping List

Whether you want a printed version or prefer a
digital solution, the weekly shopping list helps
save you time and money at the store.

  • Interactive Shopping List: Craft the perfect plan for the week with recipes from your meal plan and favorites.
  • Arranged by Store Section: Easily browse your store with our grocery list, organized by aisle and department.
  • Add Items: Not only does your list automatically update when you add or delete a recipe, but you can also add non-eMeals items and ingredients to your list.

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eMeals is a no-brainer."

- Dave Ramsey, Financial Guru

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Healthy Meal Plans

Planning healthy dinners can be a hassle. Leave the planning to eMeals
and save time and money each week!

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    Family friendly, easy and delicious. We aren't eating the same food over and over, or "winging it" at dinnertime. My kids are picky eaters and have gobbled everything up so far, and are loving the variety in their lunches.

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    I'm headed into my second week with my eMeals subscription. It is AMAZING!! Thank you so much for saving me 10 hours not to mention almost $200 out of my grocery budget.

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    I'm amazed at the difference even small changes can make. Using the Low Calorie plan has truly been a lifesaver and a huge part of my weight-loss journey.

Custom Meal Planning with the eMeals App

Using the eMeals app, you can leverage a feature called Shopping List, which allows you to pick and choose from multiple meal plans to create the perfect plan each week!

  • This Week & Last Week: Every week, you have easy access to 14 meal ideas by accessing this week and last week’s plan.
  • Switching: Easily change your plan with instant access to our full range of meal plans. Endless possibilities with unlimited switches!
  • Favorites: Save your favorite meals at any point by adding them to your Favorites.

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