Partner Overview

For over a decade, eMeals has helped hundreds of thousands of families put dinner on the table. With the widest available variety of meal plan food styles and its industry leading technology platform, eMeals is a natural partner for companies looking to offer healthy dinner planning to its customers.

Affiliate Partners

eMeals offers an attractive revenue sharing program for organizations with a strong consumer focus. If you have an active consumer website or blog and are interested in being an eMeals affiliate, please check out our affiliate program.

Corporate Partners

A wide range of consumer companies partner with eMeals to offer meal plans to their customers. If your company would like to explore partnering, please contact us at one of the email addresses below or at .

Grocery Stores
eMeals provides a unique value proposition to grocery stores through its meal plans and coordinated shopping lists. If your grocery store chain would like to link your online delivery with our shopping lists, create a branded meal plan or explore our shop-by-recipe functionality, please contact us at .

Content Publishers
Whether you’re a major publishing company or a celebrity chef, eMeals can create a custom meal plan that incorporates your branded recipes. If you’re interested in exploring a branded meal plan offering, please contact us at .

Health and Fitness Clubs
Exercise and nutrition are the essential elements of a healthy lifestyle. If your national fitness chain is interested in offering a tailored meal plan offering as part of your membership package, please contact us at .

Health & Wellness Bulk Orders

If your company or organization is interested in purchasing discounted eMeals subscriptions in bulk for your employees or customers, please send your details to .