Going Keto? eMeals' 4-Week Keto Jumpstart Plan Makes It Easy

Includes Keto Meals, Shopping Lists & Optional Online Grocery Pickup or Delivery from Walmart, Amazon, Kroger, Instacart & Shipt

BIRMINGHAM, AL (March 4, 2019) – Getting ready to take the keto plunge and need help starting your new diet? Meal planning service eMeals has just introduced a 4-Week Keto Plan that makes the transition effortless by delivering a week's worth of keto recipes and shopping lists directly to your smartphone every seven days, along with an order-with-a-tap online grocery fulfillment option. You even get a list of essential keto macronutrients including fat, protein and carbs with every recipe, so you know you're on the keto straight-and-narrow with every meal.

Weekly keto roadmap: Each week's installment includes seven dinner menus along with ideas for breakfast, lunch and dessert to help you keep your body in ketosis. Dinner options range from Skillet Chicken with Spinach Cream Sauce to Slow Cooker Beef-and-Cheese-Stuffed Chiles, Meat Lover's Pizza Soup, Shrimp Scampi over Zucchini 'Noodles' and Lettuce-Wrapped Turkey Burgers with Avocado Mayo, each with step-by-step instructions and keto-approved side dishes.

Shop yourself or order online: Grocery lists that are automatically generated for the week's needed ingredients can be accessed with a tap on the eMeals' app for in-store shopping or forwarded to Walmart, Kroger, Amazon, Instacart or Shipt/Target for curbside pickup or delivery.

Keep keto-ing or switch to another eating style: When your initial four-week keto cycle is up, you can either continue using the 4-Week Keto Plan or change to a different plan such as Low Carb or Paleo. Every week, you can also mix and match recipes from any of eMeals' 15 plan styles, which also include Quick and Healthy, 30 Minute Meals, Kid Friendly, Low Calorie, Vegetarian and more.

Free 14-day trial: As with all eMeals meal plans, the 4-Week Keto Plan is available as a free 14-day trial at www.emeals.com. Three- and 12-month subscriptions cost as little as $5 a month. Subscribers save an average of $2,000 on their annual grocery spend because of the efficient use of ingredients in each week's plan. eMeals' ability to simplify meal planning, provide recipe variety, and save time by reducing trips to the grocery store also doubles the number of meals eaten at home, helping subscribers reap the benefits of family mealtime.

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