Coronavirus Transforms Americans' Grocery & Cooking Habits: eMeals Survey

Stay-at-Home Orders Trigger Surge in Stock-ups, Online Grocery Ordering & Basic Cooking

BIRMINGHAM, AL (April 2, 2020) - The COVID-19 pandemic is having a profound impact on American's grocery shopping and cooking habits, according to a March 23 survey of more than 3,000 consumers by meal planning service eMeals. Shoppers were unable to find 40% of the grocery items on their shopping list as the gravity of the COVID-19 outbreak sent them flocking to grocery stores to stock up on food from March 18-23. Respondents also reported a 55% increase in weekly shopping spend, cooking dinner at home six nights a week, and surging online grocery use that has caused fulfillment delays because of the high demand.

"Shopping and cooking habits have clearly been impacted by the coronavirus outbreak. Short supplies at grocery stores, restaurant closings, and the need to reduce the number of shopping trips to limit exposure are changing behavior, including prompting more consumers to use online grocery services for curbside pickup or home delivery," said eMeals CEO Forrest Collier. "With 97% of respondents to our survey saying that they plan to continue using online grocery in the future despite order delays or cancellations, it's likely that one of the lasting effects of this pandemic will be to accelerate the widespread adoption of online grocery."

Grocery Shopping Trends

  • Survey respondents were unable to find 40% of their shopping list items from March 18-23, even after visiting an average of two grocery stores.
  • 75% had difficulty finding chicken and other meats. Other difficult-to-find food items included bread (31%), eggs (29%) and milk (25%).
  • Top beverages stockpiled were milk (48%), coffee (44%), bottled water (34%) and soda (23%). In terms of alcohol, 23% of consumers stocked up on wine, 18% on beer and 18% on spirits.
  • At $253, average grocery spending for the week of March 18-23 was up 55% over respondents' typical weekly purchases. Significantly, 13% spent $400 or more, while only 1% said their grocery bill is that high in a normal week.

Online Grocery Use

  • 34% of respondents elected to send their weekly eMeals shopping list to online grocery pickup or delivery services rather than going to the grocery store. More than half opted for Walmart pickup or delivery with Kroger and Instacart ranking second and third, respectively, using shopping lists automatically generated by eMeals based on the subscriber's weekly recipe selections that can be used for self-shopping or sent to online grocery services with a few clicks.
  • 28% trying to use online grocery encountered delays or cancellations, stemming from an industrywide explosion in online grocery use as consumers attempt to limit shopping trips during the coronavirus crisis.
  • 51% of respondents who placed online orders had to wait 2 or more days for delivery rather than typical same-day or next-day fulfillment, reflecting insufficient staffing to meet the sudden surge in demand.
  • 97% of those who placed online orders planned to continue using online grocery in the future despite experiencing delayed delivery times and limited availability of products.

Dinner Habit Changes

  • Respondents reported cooking an average of six dinners at home over the previous seven days, marking a sharp contrast to the 3.8 weekly home-cooked dinners reported in a 2018 eMeals survey.
  • 57% are trying to make simple meals with more basic ingredients while making use of items already in their pantries and freezers, while only 6% reported that they are trying to eat healthier as the coronavirus threat rises.
  • 51% picked up takeout meals from local restaurants and 15% had restaurant meals delivered by a service like DoorDash or Grubhub on nights when they did not cook themselves, reflecting continuing dependence on restaurant-prepared food even when many consumers have more time to cook as they are confined to their homes.

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