Touchdown-Worthy Gameday Recipes from eMeals & Fresh Cravings

Creative Salsa & Hummus-Based Dishes Plus Time-Saving Web-Shoppable Ingredients

BIRMINGHAM, AL (February 2, 2022) - With the Big Game just 11 days away, you're probably facing the annual entertaining dilemma: how do I feed my favorite football fanatics watching the game from home? Not to worry! The Big Game Bash Occasions Plan from eMeals, America's leading meal planning service, and Fresh Cravings®, the #1 family-owned salsa brand in the U.S, provides the easiest and most creative menu ever for feeding 10-12 people on Game Day - complete with fun eat-with-your-fingers recipes, digital grocery lists and fast online shopping options. It's available to both eMeals subscribers and non-subscribers at

Sliders, poppers & bite-sized pizza (first down!): The menu is anchored by three easy main-dish recipes perfect for nibbling: Spiced Greek Sliders made with ground beef and lamb, feta cheese and Fresh Cravings Roasted Red Pepper Hummus; Mini Chicken Taco Pizzas made from frozen pizza dough cut in 2" squares and topped with shredded rotisserie chicken, Fresh Cravings Restaurant Style Salsa and shredded Mexican blend cheese; and Jalapeño Poppers filled with a mixture of cream cheese, Cheddar cheese and Fresh Cravings Restaurant Style Salsa wrapped in bacon. Choose one or two - or make all three to feed Big Game-sized appetites.

Dip and/or fries (breakaway!): Next up are two sides perfect for nibbling between plays. Whip up Fully Loaded Taco Queso Dip (ground beef or chorizo, black beans, cheese, half-and-half, salsa, sour cream and cilantro), or Mexican Street Fries with Salsa Ketchup (oven-baked fries tossed with lime zest, queso fresco and cilantro), or both. The Queso Dip cooks in a slow cooker and can be made up to three days ahead. Can you say super?

Hummus + chocolate dessert (touchdown!): Last but certainly not least, dessert is a decadently delicious Hummus Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip that combines Fresh Cravings Classic Hummus mixed with almond butter, yogurt and miniature chocolate chips for serving with sliced apples. If you're a cookie dough fan (and who isn't?), this version will take the cake - without all the sugar.

Shop it your way (and fast!): No need to write a grocery list or make item-by-item entries in an online shopping cart. Simply select the recipes you want to make, and eMeals will automatically generate a shopping list that you can use to self-shop at your local grocery store or tap for online grocery fulfillment from Amazon, Walmart, Kroger or any of the retailers served by Instacart and Shipt. It's fast, easy, and ensures you won't forget an ingredient.

Dinner made easy (every night!): eMeals' meal planning service isn't just for special occasions. For as little as $5/month, subscribers receive seven dinner menus every week from their choice of 15 dinner plans (Quick and Healthy, Keto, Low Carb, 30 Minute, Kid Friendly, Low Calorie, Plant Based and more), plus Occasions Plans and Bonus Collections that are added regularly. Subscribers can also mix and match menus from any style and substitute favorites from previous weeks. Free 14-day trials are available at

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eMeals is America's leading provider of curated meal plans connecting consumers and the brands they love to online grocery pickup and delivery. Subscribers have access to 15 food style meal plans, each with new weekly dinner ideas that can be mixed and matched from plan to plan. Based on the selected meal choices, the app automatically generates a weekly shopping list that can be self-shopped or, with one click, sent for pickup or delivery by Walmart, AmazonFresh, Kroger, Albertsons, Safeway, H.E.B., and the retailers served by Instacart and Shipt. eMeals has helped more than a million families relieve the daily stress of putting healthy home-cooked meals on the table quickly, easily and affordably. For more information, visit

About Fresh Cravings
At Fresh Cravings, we believe all snacking should begin with high-quality ingredients and bold flavors worth celebrating. That's why we created a vibrant refrigerated salsa as an alternative to the soft, dull blends of jarred salsa. Our refrigerated salsa is made with vine-ripened tomatoes, crisp vegetables, and zesty peppers that are never cooked or pasteurized. Available in conventional and organic, Fresh Cravings Restaurant Style, Chunky, Pico de Gallo Salsas pack incredible flavor and are sold at a price competitive with, or lower than other national brands. Now the fastest growing brand of hummus, Fresh Cravings Hummus is the only hummus on the market made with Chilean Extra Virgin Olive Oil and our recipe is blended with a short list of high-quality ingredients like chickpeas and savory tahini. Fresh Cravings is part of FoodStory Brands, a family-owned Arizona-based company, which searches the world to bring thoughtfully curated and affordably priced food and beverage products to market. For more information on Fresh Cravings visit: or @FreshCravingsSalsa on Facebook and Instagram.

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